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Moving you from uncertainty to practical solutions.

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Solutions to labour law requirements

We help dedicated employees and employers to achieve fairness in their work place, so they can resolve labour related issues without the frustration and uncertainty.

For only R120.00 you can ask 3 questions or 2 Questions for R90.00 or even just a Question for R49.00 to help you.

The correct information will:

  • Help you to stay on the right side of the Labour law.
  • Eliminate the confusion.
  • Provide practical solutions.
  • Assist you to get everything in place.

Dangerous Law Advice!

The most dangerous law advice to take is:

  • A person stating “You know I heard……..”
  • A person sharing their opinion instead of the facts.
  • A person that think they know the answer.
  • Posting a question on Facebook that will give you a combination of these answers.
Dangerous law advice

Practical application to Law questions

Getting you on the right path with:

  • Practical solutions.
  • The correct procedures.
  • The right documents.

Solutions provided to

  1. Employees
  2. Employers
the right path

Questions frequently asked

  • I am working without a Contract of employment, is this allowed?
  • How much overtime can an employer require an employee to work?
  • How much sick leave may I take?
  • What can an employer deduct from my salary?
  • I was dismissed without a hearing, is this permitted?

Benefits to you

  • We have on our panel participating qualified labour law practitioners who specialize in their field to provide you with sound advice.
  • Labour Law Ask provide you this service in the comfort of your home or office, opposed to an appointment with a Lawyer / Consultant in his office.
  • Have your solution within 4 working hours.
  • Your question and solution sessions remains private.
qualified labour law practitioner

How can we help you?

  1. I want to take advantage of the questions,  3 for R120.00, 2 for R90.00 or 1 for R49.00
  2. I want to arrange Skype consultation session for R250 per hour.